Risk Reward Ratio Calculator

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Above Risk Reward Ratio calculator is one of the first risk management calculators launched on the internet. It helps you execute trades with predefined risk and target. Often, after executing a trade, if a trader has not set stop loss and target for his active trade then trader fails to exit at right time. But with this risk to reward calculator, you will set your target and stop loss and exit from trade timely either with target or stop loss.

Trading is all about following trading plan and having proper risk management plan will help you become a profitable trader. This risk reward ratio calculator is specially designed for serious traders. You must follow your stop loss and target if you really consider trading as a business.

It is a perfect stock risk management calculator which not only helps you calculate risk to reward ratio but also shows you position sizing (with how much quantity you trade with) according to your entered risk per trade.

I personally have been using this as Risk Reward Ratio Forex calculator for the last two years and finally launched for all my YouTube subscribers and blog followers for free.

Note: This calculator can be used everywhere including Forex currency trading, stocks, commodity trading, futures and options and the like. And for any market and currency.

How to use this risk reward ratio calculator?

To use this calculator, you will be required to enter only 3 values: risk per trade, entry price and exit price. Here are the simple steps to use this risk reward ratio calculator:

  1. In first field, enter your risk per trade for example if you’re willing to loss ₹1000 or $10 in a trade then you will enter ₹1000 or $10.
  2. Next, enter price at which you will enter in the trade.
  3. In third field, enter your exit price or stop loss at which you will exit from the trade.
  4. Hit Calculate button see your buy/sell quantity according to entered risk per trade and risk reward ratio.
  5. Once you hit the button, you will see following outputs:
    • Buy/sell quantity: It will show quantity to buy/sell as per your risk per trade.
    • Your Risk per Share: It shows your risk per share.
    • Risk Reward Ratio: These output values show your potential targets according to risk to reward ratio.