HDFC Mobile Banking Registration Step-by-Step Guide

In this post, I’ll walk you through HDFC mobile banking registration process. HDFC customers can follow the instructions given below to register on HDFC mobile banking app.

One should use internet or mobile banking service provided by the bank to perform banking related operations from the comfort of home. If you’ve a bank account in HDFC Bank then you can use net banking or mobile banking service of your bank to check your account details or transfer fund.

In my recent post, I showed you HDFC net banking registration process and today we’ll know HDFC mobile banking registration process. As you may already know that most of us carry mobiles wherever we go, therefore we can install HDFC mobile banking app on our phones to carry out banking activities from anywhere, anytime.

Mobile banking service is available free of cost. Therefore, you should install HDFC mobile banking app. It will let you transfer fund to your loved ones at anytime and monitor you account without visiting your bank branch.

I’ve observed that many people hesitate to use online banking services because they think these are not secure and their money can be stolen. It’s not true.

Today online banking services are very secure and banks do everything to protect their customers’ financial and personal information.

If somehow you become victim of an online fraud then still you can get your money back if you inform your bank within certain time limit. I’ve written a separate post on ‘Is online banking safe?‘ You should read that post to clear your doubts pertaining to HDFC mobile banking or internet banking service.

Benefits of installing HDFC mobile banking app:

HDFC Bank is one of the largest banks in India and your bank provides you access to all online banking services to make your banking experience pleasant. Here are some benefits of HDFC mobile banking registration:

  • Get real time updates from your bank. HDFC mobile banking service lets you monitor your account activities 24×7.
  • Send payments instantly. After HDFC mobile banking registration, you don’t need to visit your bank to send money to someone. You can transfer fund by just logging to your mobile banking app.
  • You can make over 120+ different types of transaction including bill payment, recharge, fund transfer, SIP payment, EMI payment, insurance premium and the like using HDFC mobile banking app.
  • The app is secure and safe. Your funds and personal information remain safe as you do traditional banking.
  • App’s AutoPay feature lets you set standing instructions for your monthly EMI, credit card payment and SIP.
  • Using HDFC mobile banking app, you can open recurring deposit account and can stop payment of a cheque.
  • Of course, you can check your account balance and statement.
  • Block ATM card, if lost and apply for one, if needed.

There are lot more you can do with HDFC mobile banking app.

Let me quickly show you how to register on HDFC mobile banking app.

HDFC mobile banking registration

HDFC mobile banking app is available for both Android and IOS. You can install it on your IOS device by visiting your phone’s app store. In the same way, to install it on Android device visit Google Play Store.

After visiting your concerned app store, search for ‘HDFC mobile banking app’ and then install it on your phone. Make sure to install genuine HDFC mobile app.

After installing the app, open it and give all the permissions it asked for.

HDFC mobile banking registration

Thereafter, to complete on time HDFC mobile banking registration, click on ‘SET UP QUICK ACCESS PIN’.

Now, enter your HDFC customer ID and then enter your mobile number that you’ve linked to your bank account. After entering the details, tap ‘Continue’.

Note: You can find your customer ID on your bank passbook, account statement and you can also find it online. Read, “How to find HDFC customer ID?

After entering the details, tap on Next button.

In the next step, you’ll receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. If you given all permissions to the app then OTP will be entered automatically, otherwise, enter the one time password your received in the given field. Tap ‘Continue’.

Select your debit card by tapping on the down arrow button.

Enter you ATM PIN that you use to withdraw cash from the ATM machine.

Subsequently, select your debit card/ATM card’s expiry date; you can find it on your debit card.

Okay we’re all set to finish HDFC mobile banking registration. For that purpose, enter a 4-digit Quick Access PIN say 1234 (set a difficult PIN) for your mobile banking app. You’ll be using this PIN to login to your HDFC mobile banking app.

Re-enter your PIN and then hit Continue button.

That’s it, You’ve successfully completed HDFC mobile banking registration. Now, tap on Login button and enter your 4 digit quick access PIN to login to your mobile banking application.

You can also set fingerprint to login to HDFC mobile banking app in future. For that purpose, tap Hamburger icon from the app, then Your Profile – Security Center – Manage Quick Login Method.

One can also watch following video to know how to activate HDFC mobile banking. Though the bank has launched new version of HDFC mobile banking app, but still one can watch given video to know HDFC mobile banking registration process because it’s still almost the same.


Is HDFC mobile banking safe?

Mobile banking service is safe and secure. Bank implements high security standards to make its app safe for banking activities. However, customers participation is also required for example one should not share his login credentials with anyone.

Is this service available free of charge?

Yes, mobile banking service is available free to use. For inquiry based banking activities customer won’t pay anything but for transactional activities such as fund transfer customer will need to pay small charges say ₹5.9 (approx.) for up to ₹10,000.

How can I activate HDFC mobile banking?

One can activate mobile banking service of HDFC Bank by directly installing the app from phone’s app store or visit bank branch to get registered for the service. Online HDFC mobile banking registration takes hardly five minutes whereas bank visit is time consuming.

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