HDFC Bank Statement PDF Download Step-by-Step

Today I’m going to take you through how to download HDFC Bank statement in PDF format. If you’re an active user of HDFC netbanking service then within the next five minutes, you will learn HDFC Bank statement PDF download process. Unlike you pay ₹100-₹150 for physical statement, you won’t need to pay a penny for the same if you get it online.

HDFC internet banking service lets you perform a range of banking related activities online. If you’re an online banking user then you can transfer fund to anyone, check account information, order cheque book, cancel cheque payment, open or close fixed deposit account, pay your bills, recharge your mobile, pay credit card bill, redeem credit card reward points and perform many more activities.

You can also download HDFC Bank statement online by logging in to your net banking account.

Usually, bank charges ₹100 to ₹150 per request for statement of account. But if you’re an online banking user then you can download HDFC Bank account statement for free of cost. So in this post, I’ll be showing you HDFC Bank statement PDF download process.

After saving your HDFC Bank statement in PDF format, you can print it out and can submit it anywhere. For your information, online bank statements do not require bank’s official stamp. You can also opt for daily, weekly, monthly email account statement for free.

HDFC Bank offers you free email statement subscription. Apart from that, you can download your statement anytime by logging in to your online banking account.

For HDFC Bank statement PDF download, you must be a net banking user.

If you’re skeptical about netbanking safety then read, “Is online banking safe?

So, what are you going to learn:

What you need to download HDFC Bank statement in PDF format?

As discussed above, one who wants to download account statement online should be an active users of netbanking service of the bank.

This is one and only prerequisite for HDFC Bank statement PDF download.

Not registered for the service? Don’t fret. Just read this post, “How to activate HDFC net banking online?

You don’t need to visit your home bank branch to activate the service. Activation takes only 15 minutes. Internet banking’s benefits are enormous therefore you should activate it right now.

If you’re an HDFC netbanking user then read on to know how to download HDFC Bank statement online.

HDFC Bank statement PDF download step-by-step

Above video will help you get your account statement in PDF format. Video language is Hindi, if you don’t understand the language then read on to download your account statement.

Get statement for up to 1 year

First of all, login to your HDFC online banking account.

HDFC Bank statement pdf download

From your online banking dashboard, from the sidebar, click on ‘Enquire’ and then click on ‘Download Historical Statement’. 

Note: You can also click on ‘View/download account statement’ if you want to download account statement of last 30 days or less.

On the next page, first select your account number whose account statement you want to download.

Click on the radio button next to ‘Specific Period’ and then enter starting and ending date for your bank statement. 

Note: You can also select ‘Previous Financial Year’ to simply download HDFC account statement of last fiscal year (1st April to 31 March). 

Thereafter, click on down arrow (showing in the step 5 on above screenshot) and select format as PDF for HDFC Bank statement PDF download.

Upon selecting all the fields, click on Download button.

That’s it. You’ve successfully downloaded your HDFC Bank statement online.

Get historical statement for up to 5 years

If you want to get account statement more than one year then you can get it on your registered email address or physical address. Here are the steps to get HDFC statement for more than one year:

  • From your netbanking dashboard, you will ‘Requests section in the sidebar. Click on ‘Requests’ and then ‘Account Statement’.
  • Next, select starting and ending date for your account statement.
  • On the next page, confirm your mailing address.
  • That’s it. Your HDFC historical statement will be sent to your registered email address. Note: If no email ID is registered then bank will send physical statement on address available in the bank records and ₹50 will be deducted from your account for physical statement.

Email statement will be delivered in one day and physical statement can take up to 5 days, excluding holidays.

How to get HDFC Bank statement offline?

Customer can visit his home bank branch along with his bank passbook and get account statement. Customer can also subscribe for physical statement, not recommended because you pay charges for that, and a physical statement will be sent by the bank to customer’s address.

Customer would need to pay physical statement charges.

How to get statement on email ID

Customers can also opt for email account statement. If a customer enables this feature then he’ll get daily, weekly, or monthly email statement on his registered email ID. This is a free service from the bank. Therefore, it’s advised to avail this facility.

To enable HDFC email statement facility, from your online banking dashboard, click on ‘Requests’ and then ‘Email Statement’. Thereafter, set your desired frequency (daily, weekly, or monthly) and then enable the facility.

HDFC Bank statement PDF password

Although, now bank doesn’t encrypt PDF statement with password; however, if it happens in future then your HDFC customer ID will be your HDFC Bank statement pdf password.

Just enter you customer ID to unlock your PDF statement.

Benefits of downloading HDFC Bank statement online

By keeping track of your inwards and outwards transactions, you can find any unauthorized activity pertaining to your bank account. If you find any suspicious activity instantly inform your bank.

HDFC Bank statement PDF download is available for free. Therefore, you should periodically save it to your computer or mobile to keep record of your account.

These account statement softcopies can also be used to show as income proof for taking loans.

If you’re unable to download HDFC Bank statement online then feel free to ask in the comment box given below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the password for HDFC Bank statement PDF?

As discussed above, your HDFC customer ID is your statement password. Enter your complete customer ID to unlock your account statement.

How can I download my HDFC PDF statement?

Yes, customers can download HDFC Bank statement by logging to their netbanking account. One can get statement of account for up to 5 years for free. Same can also be obtained by visiting bank branch but physical statement is not available for free.

Will I be charged for downloading statement online?

Online statement is available for free. Whether you view statement online or download, you won’t pay anything. But for physical statement that you can get by visiting your bank branch, you will need to pay charges accordingly.

For how long can I download my account statement?

Earlier you would be able to download statement for up to 5 years directly from the dashboard. But now one can download HDFC Bank statement for up to 1 year in PDF, Excel or other formats directly from netbanking dashboard.

To get account statement for more than 1 year or up to 5 years, customer will need to provide his email address or physical address.

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